How Do I Find the Right Attorney for My Suboxone Lawsuit?

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When planning to file a Suboxone lawsuit against its manufacturer, Indivior, you must find the right lawyer to help you build a strong case by locating an experienced attorney and “interviewing” the lawyer in a consultation.

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Discover what to look for in an attorney to help you file a class action lawsuit if you suffered tooth decay or other dental issues resulting from Suboxone use.

Suboxone Lawsuits in Florida

People seeking opioid treatment in Florida often receive prescriptions for a medication called Suboxone. The medication helps ease withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings. Indivior introduced Suboxone, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it in 2002.

Formerly available in a tablet, Indivior developed a sublingual method of administration for Suboxone. The thin film sits under the tongue and dissolves over time. It consists of two main chemicals that help treat opioid addiction: buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an acidic agonist that essentially replaces opioids and can block other opioids from affecting receptors in the brain. Meanwhile, naloxone is an antagonist that helps prevent misuse of the drug.

While many doctors have relied on Suboxone to help treat withdrawal in patients during recovery, studies have linked the acidic nature of buprenorphine to dental problems such as:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth erosion
  • Gum inflammation
  • Tooth loss

Indivior issued a warning about these risks in January 2022, but by then many patients had already experienced these health problems while taking Suboxone since its inception. Because of this failure to warn about the health problems associated with the drug, many individuals have begun to file product liability lawsuits against Indivior.

Common Legal Issues Related to Suboxone

The latest lawsuits aren’t the first time Indivior has faced legal trouble involving its drug Suboxone. The first lawsuits came in the 2000s, when drug wholesalers claimed that Indivior was attempting to monopolize Suboxone by changing it from a tablet to a film form. This happened just as wholesalers began to sell the drug in its original form under generic names. Indivior paid $385 million to resolve the issue.

In 2019, the Department of Justice pursued legal action against the company, alleging that Indivior was labeling Suboxone sublingual film as a safe product without enough evidence to back this claim. The DOJ also accused Indivior of attempting to get patients to see doctors who were more likely to give them Suboxone over competitors’ treatments. This incident led to another large payout by Indivior.

The new Suboxone lawsuits could lead to additional settlements that Indivior may need to pay.

Compensation Victims May Pursue Through Suboxone Lawsuits

There are multiple types of compensation that plaintiffs may seek in the Florida Suboxone lawsuits, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Here is a breakdown of each:

  • Economic Damages — These damages apply to the direct financial losses resulting from dental problems associated with Suboxone use. They may include fillings for cavities, dental surgery, and lost income from taking time off work to receive treatment or to recover.
  • Non-Economic Damages — In addition to economic damages, plaintiffs may recover non-economic damages stemming from the use of Suboxone. For example, individuals might suffer anxiety, depression, or trauma related to their dental issues and the stress they cause. While it’s harder to calculate these damages because they are subjective, an attorney who is experienced with this type of case can provide you with an estimate of their value.
  • Punitive Damages — While the courts rarely award punitive damages, they may do so if they find the defendants—Indivior, in this case—liable for gross negligence. Punitive damages may apply if the courts determine that Indivior was aware of or should have been aware of the dangers associated with Suboxone and failed to warn of and properly address them.

Factors to Consider When Finding an Attorney for Your Suboxone Lawsuit

When looking for a personal injury lawyer to help file a class action lawsuit against Indivior, you’ll want to ensure you locate the right legal counsel for the job.

One of the main factors to look for in a lawyer is experience handling similar cases to the Suboxone lawsuits. Try to find an attorney who knows what product liability cases entail, and the types of evidence needed to win.

Another element to look for is past successes. What kind of track record does the attorney or law firm have in handling similar cases? You can find out about the attorney’s history by looking for reviews on sites like Google, or you may find more in-depth client testimonials and case results on the attorney’s website.

You should also try to look for an attorney who’s clear about costs and works on a contingency-fee basis. Most personal injury lawyers accept cases on a contingency basis. Clients pay attorney fees from their settlement. If the attorney doesn’t obtain a settlement or jury award on the client’s behalf, no attorney fees are assessed.

Why Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Litigation Is Important

Among the most significant criteria to look for in an attorney is a history of handling cases against pharmaceutical companies like Indivior. Check for a history of successes involving pharmaceutical cases and see what kinds of compensation the attorney was able to recover for clients.

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation

Knowing when to get a personal injury lawyer is just the beginning. Meeting with a few lawyers for free consultations helps ensure that you select legal representation that is a good fit for you and for your case.

Meeting with multiple Suboxone lawyers can seem intimidating, but it’s a crucial step toward understanding your rights and legal options. Expect open and confidential discussions where you’ll:

  • Share your story: Explain the details of your situation and legal concerns.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to inquire about filing your claim, compensation, and the legal process.
  • Gather information: The lawyers will clarify relevant laws, assess your case’s merits, and explain possible courses of action.
  • Discuss next steps: Based on your case and goals, the lawyers will recommend how to proceed, including representation options and fees.

This is your chance to get informed and empowered. Come prepared with any questions and documents you think might be relevant.

Prepare a List of Relevant Questions

Be sure to gather a list of questions ahead of the consultations to adequately prepare. Not sure what to ask? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • “What kind of track record do you have with similar cases?”
  • “Who will handle my case?”
  • “Do I have enough evidence to warrant a case?”
  • “How much compensation do you think I might be able to recover?”
  • “How long will the legal process take?”

Asking these and other critical questions will help you determine whether you have a valid case that’s worth pursuing. This stage will also help you get a feel for the attorney’s approach.

Consider Cost and Payment Options

During your free consultation, you should also get an idea of what kind of costs will come with hiring the attorney and filing your lawsuit. Most experienced injury attorneys will offer contingency fee arrangements to avoid adding to the financial strain that can come with the medical costs and other expenses associated with treating and recovering from Suboxone-related dental issues.

Ask about the amount of the contingency fee and when and how you’ll be expected to pay it. Also ask about any extra costs the attorney may charge. For example, attorneys could charge extraneous costs for services such as hiring expert witnesses and collecting evidence.

Be Mindful of the Statute of Limitations for Suboxone Lawsuits in Florida

It’s important that you find the right attorney for your Suboxone lawsuit, but delaying your selection can jeopardize your claim. In 2023, Florida reduced the statute of limitations on most product liability cases to two years. The new statute of limitations only applies to negligence claims which accrue after March 24, 2023, however. If the defendant caused your injuries before this date, the state’s previous four-year statute of limitations may apply.

If you don’t file your lawsuit before this period is up, you may be unable to recover the damages associated with Suboxone use.

Why Hire Magazine & Light Law Group to File Your Suboxone Lawsuit

If you sustained dental injuries that were caused by Suboxone, you only have one chance to recover compensation through a lawsuit. Choose our law firm, and make it count.

At Magazine & Light Law Group, our injury lawyers have more than 30 years of experience protecting the rights of injured people in Florida, and we would like the opportunity to guide you on your path to recovery. We offer free initial consultations, and we accept Suboxone cases on a contingency basis. Call us at 727-499-9900, and let’s talk about your legal options.

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Jim Magazine

James (Jim) Magazine is a Florida Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer who has spent his career helping injured victims. Jim is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 1990 and is also admitted to practice at the Appellate level and admitted to the United States Supreme Court.

Years of Experience: More than 30 years
Florida Registration Status: Active
Bar Admissions:
Clearwater Bar Association
West Pasco Bar Association

James (Jim) Magazine is a Florida Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer who has spent his career helping injured victims. Jim is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 1990 and is also admitted to practice at the Appellate level and admitted to the United States Supreme Court.

Years of Experience: More than 30 years
Florida Registration Status: Active
Bar Admissions:
Clearwater Bar Association
West Pasco Bar Association